2019 (2): « Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare project Recommendations » report –  https://www.remedium.co/indexai


2018: Many deliverables with the LabEsanté Team (Chatbot, UPDOCS study, telemedicine usage survey…)

2017-2019 (1): Counsel of SimForHealth: A new international start-up, spin-off from Interaction Healthcare group, focus on Digital Simulation for HCP, on a global plateform. Built a new competitive approach to develop Industrial & Academic partnerships with 3 strategic pillars: Business, Digital and Science.

2016: Prix Galien for a medical device support by a mobile application for patient

2015: 1st Health Hackathon organized by a pharma company in France.



2014: One device on Field forces, iPad for visual aid and all activities. Digital transformation and new governance.

2013: Quantified-self internal program for a corporate wellness and empowerment initiatives.

2012: Revamping of the E-Health Think-tank “Isidore” as the new president, creation of new colleges including patients and HCPs: new recommendations for Authorities.

2011: Full transformation of digital offer in Novartis after audit. New platform plugged on CRM. Introduction of Digital skills in the Advertising trade Union (UDA), as president of the health committee.

2010: Medical iPad Application (available before device launched on the market) to follow chronic diseases between patients and doctor. 1st Facebook (and twitter) accounts for patients and doctors in France for a pharma company

2009: Advanced solutions with mobile applications, and mobile websites, integrated in marketing and communication for Patients and HCP: scientific contents, scores, geolocalization, interactivities,

2008: Tutorial-Video platform to increase training, eCME, MedEd, advanced edetailing and CRM results

2007: iPhone applications to transform the 450 Medical Algorythm from old PDAs on iOS

2006: Tools to create personalized scientific wires on Desktop. Websites for biotherapies and vaccines. SMS services for doctors and pharmacists.

2005: Launch of 15 Health Podcast Channels for Doctors and for Patients. During 2 years in the iTunes top 3

2004: E-learning plateform, CME and edetailing plateform, Visual Aid for Tablet PC. DrBlog, 1st Software to create (alone for a non-expert) a website for HCP, and PDA application

2003: PDA (Palm & PocketPC) services for Doctors, pharmacist and nurses. eGaming for education.

2002: DocteurW.com and all services, the 1st website in France for 7 years in audience, actives subscribers, fully plugged with Field Force and CRM including e-ordering

2001: 1st Intranet for Wyeth in France and in Europe with interactive/social services for employees

2000: Medical Algorithms on PDA (Palm Pilot)

1999: Bipmed.com, 1st CRM web site for IPSEN with authentication, ordering, metrics. 4 awards. WAP services on mobile for Doctors. 80% of the targeted doctors are subscribers.

1998: NetClinique, 1st compilation of Medical Scores on CD-Rom available for 60 000 GP in France

1997: Beaufour.com, 3 awards for this non-promotional website based on scientific content and Continuous Medical Education, promote by Sales Reps

1996: eCRF – Clinical Trial on Palm Pilot

1995: All Seminar Slides on computer, all models for promotional material build on Mac (PowerMac 8100 bought by the company: ROI finalized in 5 months)

1993: 1st Visual Aid finalized in preprint by a personal computer. Slide deck finalized with PowerPoint2.2 vf and a slide shooter (Powerbook 165c color)


1992 – Internal newspaper in MBA with Computer and video

1990 – 1st Macintosh Classic – Publication and Thesis (MD)

1989 – Communication Campaign on HIV risks for Universities through Apple computer and video

1986 – All medical courses on Apple IIe, internal Newspaper in the Medical University

1985 – Training seller for Apple IIe (Job)

1983 – (19 y.o) – ZX81 Sinclair for the 1st year of Medicine University


1981 (17 y.o) – 1st code program on a Commodore 64

One Key “digital”  event per year (only as a tactic tool in a global strategy)

Par choix, voici un seul succès marquant chaque année. LA date est importante car il s’agissait d’innovation à l’époque, il a fallu convaincre. Maintenant c’est naturel, voir déjà dépassé.